Top the best Multiseat Software for Windows & Linux – Multiple Users Sharing on the Only PC

July 1, 2021


How to use 2 to 4 users at the same time with a separate keyboard and mouse on 1 single PC?

I have 2 monitors and 2 keyboard and mouse sets – how can I play games and work with only 1 PC?

These are questions that I myself have encountered while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. I guess someone like me will have the same situation as I am. While you have a lot of things to do, the kids run around and make you unable to concentrate. Besides, maybe your wife is looking to watch a show or search for them or simply play the game she wants on the very PC you are working on. That is really tiring. After many days of researching, I finally found the real solution to this problem: “Multiseat”.

But how to choose a “Multiseat Software” really effective, easy to use and achieve high performance. Don’t worry, after a long process of learning about Windows, Linux operating systems, thin clients, virtualization tools, monitor connections…Fortunately, I found the best multiseat software to help us connect and share multiple independent screens using only 1 PC.

1. ASTER Ibik | MS Windows | 2 to 6 users

ASTER Multiseat Software - Bestmaxcoupons

Do you know why I put ASTER Multiseat first over other multiseat software? Because it is the easiest software to use and achieves really high performance and low resources, it is really easy even if you don’t need to know too much about computers. This has been mention and debate in many threads about the best multiseat software that I spent a week inquire on tech forums, even Reddit and Quora. There are really many successful and satisfied users about its performance, including me.

ASTER is one of the multiseat software for Windows 10/8/7/XP developed by IBIK Software since 1999. The latest version of ASTER is the V7 which can be used on Windows 10 and can create up to 6 independent workplaces (6 monitors, and 6 sets of mouse and keyboard for independent use). To create an additional independent place to work or play games, you only need to connect 1 more monitor. Also, you can connect with the same video card or add another video card. Next to that is to connect a keyboard and mouse to your computer (and if necessary you can also connect to a microphone, speaker, joystick, or gamepad). Once installed, ASTER Multiseat software will provide a separate desktop for each monitor and you can use all workplaces independently as if each of them had its own PC.

You can download ASTER and use them for 30 days with full functionality, during which time you will test ASTER’s compatibility with your software and hardware. Believe me, it consumes very few hardware resources and is really worth using.

Download the ASTER Free Trials 30 Days Full Functional

How to Setup ASTER Multiseat and Guide detail.

ASTER Ibik Multiseat Software - Bestmaxcoupons

2. ThinSoft BeTwin | Windows 7 & Vista | 2 to 9 users

ThinSoft BeTwin Multiseat Software - Bestmaxcoupons

If current operating systems allow multitasking (performing many different tasks at the same time), then ThinSoft BeTwin system software, when combined with hardware, can turn a personal computer into two to 9 stations to work at the same time. This software has the function of regulating CPU operation, dividing control rights of information input and output parts (Input/Output Device), balancing the level of activity between devices to create virtual machines and workstations so that they handle different jobs with the highest efficiency. Therefore, BeTwin VS is also one of the best multiseat software for Windows 7 and Windows Vista (64 bit). Installing BeTwin VS (64bit) is also very simple. You just need to insert the second VGA card or adapter and connect it to the second monitor. Then you plug in your USB mouse, USB keyboard, and optional USB Audio. Finally, install BeTwin VS software and enjoy the results.

3. Userful Multiplatform | Windows 7,8 & Linux |10 users or more

Userful Multiplatform Desktop Virtualization Software

Userful Multiplatform Desktop Virtualization Software uses a standard central computer without clients and software to create up to ten desktop stations from a single PC. In addition, the system offers a secure and locked screen, complete with a full suite of software that works online or offline. Userful’s public desktop stations work like regular computers and can even support playing high-definition video, importing documents, building presentations, or using a variety of applications at the site. each station. Besides, Userful is one of the powerful tools for computer virtualization. It is also a multiseat software for Linux và Windows which you should not ignore if conditions permit.

4. Windows MultiPoint Server | 10 to 20 user

Windows MultiPoint Server - Multiseat Software - Bestmaxcoupons

Windows MultiPoint Server (WMS) virtualizes Windows on each connected display and supports multiple concurrent users, each working independently using their own monitor, keyboard, and mouse. There are currently two versions of Windows MultiPoint Server – the Standard Edition that hosts up to 10 stations and the Premium Edition that holds up to 20 stations. MultiPoint Sever has less initial hardware costs, less ongoing maintenance, and low software costs. However, it has some disadvantages that the minimum specifications of the computer are a 2 GHz dual-core x64 processor (or higher), 2 GB of RAM, and 32 GB of free hard disk space. In particular, Windows MultiPoint Server Software is often offered through academic or commercial volume licensing, so ownership and licensing are a bit complicated.

5. VMware Workstation | Windows or Linux

VMware Workstation Multiseat Software - Bestmaxcoupons

VMware Workstation Player and Pro is one of the standards for running multiple operating systems as virtual machines (VMs) on a single Linux or Windows PC to build, test or demonstrate software.

VMware Workstation Pro allows you to run multiple virtual machines, OCI containers, and Kubernetes clusters at the same time on the same Windows or Linux PC. Create fully-featured and secure isolated Linux and Windows virtual machines and another desktop, server, and cloud environments, complete with configurable virtual networks and simulate network conditions, for use in code development, solution architecture, application testing, product demonstrations, and more.

6. SoftXpand MiniFrame | Windows 7 | 2 to 10 users

SoftXpand Duo Pro is a multiseat software for windows 7 that will turn your computer into a perfect standalone workstation from MiniFrame. It helps you set up standalone workstations and supports acceleration and a smooth video experience. Besides, it also supports most gaming or streaming platforms like Steam, Origin. The SoftXpand Miniframe has been discontinued which means you will no longer receive direct manufacturer support. But somewhere on the internet, you can still find a free installation of SoftXpand multiseat software. You can try it if you want.

How to install and use SoftXpand Multiseat?

1. Connect another set of Monitor, Keyboard and mouse to your PC/laptop.

2. Create another user account on Windows.

3. Disable your anti-virus program in the next 2 steps.

4. Download and install SoftXpand Duo Pro from the link below.

5. After rebooting, follow the on-screen instructions to assign the keyboard/mouse to each workstation (one-time process).

6. If you need separate audio channels, just add a USB Audio Adapter.

SoftXpand Duo Pro Multiseat Software - Bestmaxcoupons

It’s really a pity that MiniFrame has been discontinued, in addition to ASTER Ibik, SoftXpand is really a great “Multiseat” software, when it provides stability when used for workstations. There have been many users using this software from 2010 until now because of its simplicity and not high hardware requirements. There is also some other multiseat software that I do not want to mention in the article because they are not the best and easiest to use such as LISTEQ MultiSeat, AUTOMSEAT, NComputing, Black Box VirtuaCore.

Through this article, you have in hand the top of the best “Multiseat” software today, hope you will solve your problems with this software. There may be more optimized and more wonderful software in the future, then don’t forget to comment to let me know. Sincerely thank.

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